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  • Fridge Locks help you comply with pharmacy and medical office regulations
  • Protect document cameras and classroom AV equipment
  • Make sure equipment stays in the lab

Why do top universities, hospitals and Fortune 500 businesses prefer our locks?

                        - It's simply a better quality lock.

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Computer Cable Lock : Computer Lock : Laptop Lock
Price: $23.95

Prevent Theft of your Computer and Peripherals. This versatile high security cable lock will attach to the security slot built into most PC's, Laptops, printers, monitors and electronic devices. No Slot? No problem. This version comes with an adapter. Fits any device with a built in security slot. Cut resistant 6mm coated steel cable (1/4 in.) Thicker than most competitors "heavy duty" cables. High security lock mechanism. Why buy from SecurTech? SecurTech invented the anchor computer lock 30...

Laptop lock : Computer Cable lock kit with Slot Adaptor
Price: $25.95

LOCK JUST ABOUT ANYTHING! 99% of new computers have a built in security slot, but sometimes that isn't enough. You can use the existing security slot on a device or use the included slot adapter to secure devices that don't come with a built-in security slot like Mac Mini, MacBook Air, Galaxy Tab, Kindle or Nook. It works on just about any object with a flat surface. It's the perfect solution to use with: Hand held games or devices without a slot Weak, worn out or damaged slots Slot Anchor...

Computer lock kit for one device
Price: $23.95

PREVENT THEFT OF YOUR DEVICE - EXPAND ANYTIME This complete, easy to use kit will lock almost any type of device or valuable It works great with: Computers Printers TV's and monitors Projectors Video Game Consoles Lab Equipment Kit includes: (1) AL round Spot Anchor (1) DL4 coated steel security cable - 48 in. (1) 1-1/2 in. Brass Padlock Close Bond Adhesive Add an additional anchor anytime to secure more devices with the same lock MADE IN USA Why buy from SecurTech? SecurTech invented the...

Refrigerator Lock for dorm fridge, pharmacy, medical facilities, schools
Price: $23.95

KEEP IT COLD AND SAFE! Refrigerator Locks and Freezer Locks Prevent theft Protect food, beverage or medicines from theft or tampering and comply with federal and local regulations with a fridge lock / refrigerator lock or freezer lock Pharmacy fridge and medicine security Labs Freezers or "second" fridges Dorm room fridge Kit includes: (2) round Spot Anchors with adhesive (1) 1-1/2" Brass Padlock (40mm) HOW TO MEASURE YOUR DOOR This kit comes in a "THICK DOOR" version and a "REGULAR DOOR"...

TV Lock : TV security lock : TV anti theft lock
Price: $19.95

PREVENT TV THEFT. Attach the TV Lock Kit to your TV or video display with our special adhesive and it cannot be removed. The cable can be locked to the TV mounting bracket or other fixed object. Mounting Tips TV on wall mount bracket The bracket is usually firmly attached to the wall, but the TV itself can be lifted off the bracket. Select the 15" cable and attach the padlock to the wall mounted part of the bracket so the TV can't be removed from the bracket. Free standing or table top TV....

Remote Lock : Small Device Lock : Remote theft prevention
Price: $22.50

DO SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF Chasing down a replacement remote control can be a real pain. The KeepTabs cable lock system is perfect for securing small electronics such as remote controls and handheld devices. Note: The cable can be cut with a good quality wire cutter, so this is not recommended for high security or situations where devices are left unattended. KeepTabs are most appropriate where small devices might get lost or misplaced or for preventing "grab-n-run" events in areas that are...