Laptop Locks for physical security and theft prevention

All Laptop Locks are not the same

The SecurTech Difference:

  • Stronger cables
  • High security lock and keys
  • Low profile design
  • Lower price

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Why do top universities, hospitals and Fortune 500 businesses prefer our laptop locks?

                        - It's simply a better quality lock.

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Laptop Lock : Computer Cable Lock : Computer Lock
Price: $19.95

Prevent Theft of your Laptop or electronic device. This versatile high security cable lock will attach to the security slot built into most Laptops, PCs, printers, monitors and electronic devices. Fits any device with a built in security slot. No slot? This version includes a slot adapter. Cut resistant 6mm coated steel cable (1/4 in.) Thicker than most competitors "heavy duty" cables. Why buy from SecurTech? SecurTech invented the anchor computer lock 30 years ago and we continue to strive to...

Laptop lock : Computer Cable lock kit with Slot Adaptor
Price: $19.95

LOCK JUST ABOUT ANYTHING! NEW LOWERED PRICING!  Keyed different version only 99% of new computers have a built in security slot, but sometimes that isn't enough. You can use the existing security slot on a device or use the included slot adapter to secure devices that don't come with a built-in security slot like Mac Mini, MacBook Air, Galaxy Tab, Kindle or Nook. It works on just about any object with a flat surface. It's the perfect solution to use with: Hand held games or devices...

Slot Scissor Clip - Connect a computer lock cable to a device with a built in security slot
Price: $4.95

EASY EXPANSION. The USC1 Universal Fit Security Clip mounts in the built-in security slot of a device. Cables without loop ends like those in the ULK610 Computer Lock kit can thread through the clip. You can also use a padlock through the clip to secure it to a cable. Add as many clips as you need to a ULK610 cable lock kit to secure multiple devices on a single lock. To lock an additional device that doesn't have a built in security slot, choose a Spot Anchor like the AL or AAL models or use...

Security Slot Adapter : Laptop Lock : Computer Cable Lock
Price: $4.95

NO SLOT? NO PROBLEM! The Universal Security Slot Adapater lets you use our Pro DS or Supra DS Cable Lock on any device, even if it doesn't have a built in security slot. Use with... iPad Mac Mini Mac Air laptops Galaxy Tab Kindle ...Any device with a flat surface The adapter bonds to any device using our special high strength adhesive. Use one to replace a worn out, weak or odd size slots Dimensions 1-5/16 in. diameter 1/4 in. height (34mm x 6 mm) Cable locks are sold separately or in our...