Laptop Locks and Computer Locks for Business

Does your firm have an extra $49,246?

According to a study commissioned by Intel in May, 2009, this was the average cost to replace a single company laptop that was stolen. Subsequent data breach and loss of intellectual property were the 2 most expensive costs associated with the loss.  (Read the Intel sponsored report (Read the Intel sponsored report HERE)

It's NOT the computer you're protecting

The computer is cheap.  

It's the data and the time to replace everything that is extremely expensive.

You wouldn't leave your office unlocked

53 Percent of surveyed mobile professionals carry confidential company information, 65% of those who carry it, don’t take steps to protect it.

Our computer locks and anti-theft solutions protect not only your physical assets but the valuable time and data that they represent.   Simple, low cost theft deterrents provide an excellent ROI and piece of mind as well.

We invented the anchor computer lock nearly 30 years ago and we continue to strive to provide only the highest quality security products. That's why top universities, businesses, medical facilities and individuals trust us to protect their devices.

We make it easy

Selecting the right computer lock doesn't have to be complicated
Give us a call or Email us a brief description or photo of your devices and environment and we'll match you with the best options. 

You can find lots of great information at our  Computer Lock Resource Center as well