Computer locks for Healthcare

Healthcare facilities depend on SecurTech

Hospitals, Clinics, and Physician's offices have unique security challenges. That's why so many rely on our computer locks and theft prevention products to protect their computers, peripherals, medical devices and lab equipment.  

We are the preferred solution for top hospitals, clinics, medical offices and research facilities for the outstanding value we provide.

  • Versatility - Easy to move, add on or reconfigure
  • Effective security
  • Ease of use

Patient accessible devices are becoming commonplace in so many facilities.  We have many anti theft options that are great for for securing patient accessible laptops and tablet computers. 

We have a theft prevention solution for any type of device in the healthcare environment.

  • PC Computer lock
  • Laptop lock
  • Tablet and iPad Lock
  • AV/lab equipment lock
  • Projector lock
  • Document Camera Lock
  • Refrigerator lock

We make it easy

Selecting the right computer lock doesn't have to be complicated Give us a call or Email us a brief description or photo of your devices and environment and we'll match you with the best options.