Computer locks for Government

Government Computers should not be the headline

You've all seen this Headline..."Computer Stolen from Government Office"
Those events are always followed by hundreds of man-hours and $1000's of dollars in cost to recreate lost data or to protect the people whose information was stored there.

Is your office the next one to make the news?

According to a study commissioned by Intel in May, 2009, the average cost to replace a stolen business laptop was over $49,000. Data breach and loss of intellectual property were the 2 most expensive costs associated with the loss. Read the Intel report HERE

SecurTech computer locks and anti-theft devices should be a part of any data security plan. Their versatility and ease of use makes them ideal for deploying in government environments.  No matter what type of computer, peripheral, printer, projector or tablet you have, we have a way to lock it up and prevent theft.

We make it easy

Selecting the right computer lock doesn't have to be complicated
Give us a call or Email us a brief description or photo of your devices and environment and we'll match you with the best options. 

You can find lots of great information at our  Computer Lock Resource Center as well