At a glance...
  • Create a "Secure Point" when there isn't one in the environment
  • Attach to walls, furniture or immovable objects to create a point to attach a security cable
  • Use with any of our cables or cable locks
  • Includes screws
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    The Secure Anchor Point creates a spot to attach your security devices when the environment just doesn't have a good location. Mount a Secure Anchor Point to tables, desks, walls or any immovable surface. You now have a convenient spot to attach your computer lock cable.


    • All metal
    • Fits all SecurTech cables


    You don't have to use a padlock at the anchor point. Poke a loop end of a cable through the hole and thread the cable back through creating a lasso. Now your lock can be somewhere more convenient.

    Anchoring to a table top or wood surface? Another option is the model BAP Benchtop Anchor Pin.

    Why buy from SecurTech?

    SecurTech invented the anchor computer lock 30 years ago and we continue to strive to provide only the highest quality security products. That's why top universities, businesses, medical facilities and individuals trust us to protect their devices