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  • Attach to a TV so it can be locked to the mounting bracket or other fixed point
  • Premium coated 7/32 in. steel cable (6mm) & brass padlock
  • 3 cable lengths and 3 key options available
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    Key Type:
    • Keyed DIFFERENT - Each lock has a unique key that won
    • Keyed ALIKE - All keys are the same. Each key will open all the locks



    Attach the TV Lock Kit to your TV or video display with our special adhesive and it cannot be removed. The cable can be locked to the TV mounting bracket or other fixed object.

    Mounting Tips

    • TV on wall mount bracket
      • The bracket is usually firmly attached to the wall, but the TV itself can be lifted off the bracket.
      • Select the 15" cable and attach the padlock to the wall mounted part of the bracket so the TV can't be removed from the bracket.
    • Free standing or table top TV.
      • Select a longer cable that will reach to a part of the furniture or other secure point nearby where the padlock can be attached.
      • You could also use a model DAP Secure Anchor Point (sold separaelty). Anchor Points can be mounted on a wall or furniture and provide a secure spot to lock the padlock.


    • Premium 7/32 in. coated steel cable resists cutting
    • Anchor securely bonds to your TV and can't be removed
    • Available in 3 different lengths (15 in., 36 in., 48 in.)
    • Keyed Alike or Master Keyed locks available for facilities with more than one TV like restaurants, bars and hotels

    Kit Includes:

    • TV anchor with your choice of cable length
    • 1-1/2 in. solid brass pin-tumbled padlock
    • Close Bond Adhesive

    No place to attach the padlock? Use the model DAP Anchor Point (sold separately)

    Losing the REMOTE? Use the KeepTabs small device locks (sold separately)


    Why buy from SecurTech?

    SecurTech invented the anchor computer lock 30 years ago and we continue to strive to provide only the highest quality security products. That's why top universities, businesses, medical facilities and individuals trust us to protect their devices