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  • SECURITY SLOT style or ANCHOR style computer locks for any device
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  • Custom lengths in 24 hours or less

SECURITY SLOT (or "Laptop Lock") style locks will work on any device with a security slot.  That includes most all PC's, monitors, printers, projectors and peripherals.  If you don't have a security slot on your device, you can add one with our  model SSA Security Slot Adapter.

ANCHOR COMPUTER LOCKS are securely bonded to any type of device.  One anchor can be used on a single device or several devices with anchors can be connected with a cable and locked with a single padlock.

Planning a system with Anchor Style Computer Locks?

Our helpful guide can assist in the selection of your Spot Anchor components.
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Why do top universities, hospitals and Fortune 500 businesses prefer our locks?

- It's simply a better quality lock

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Computer Cable Lock : Computer Lock : Laptop Lock
Price: $23.95

Prevent Theft of your Computer and Peripherals. This versatile high security cable lock will attach to the security slot built into most PC's, Laptops, printers, monitors and electronic devices. No Slot? No problem. This version comes with an adapter. Fits any device with a built in security slot. Cut resistant 6mm coated steel cable (1/4 in.) Thicker than most competitors "heavy duty" cables. High security lock mechanism. Why buy from SecurTech? SecurTech invented the anchor computer lock 30...

Universal Computer Lock Kit : Laptop Lock : Computer Cable Lock
Price: $18.95

VERSATILITY AT ITS BEST. Just a laptop? No problem. This lock works great, but where it really shines is it's ability to add more devices to the same cable. Start with a laptop or PC, and lock your printer and monitor too. Taking the laptop with you? Lock the printer and back-up drive while you're away. The ULK610 Universal Computer Lock kit includes: 6 ft x 3/16 in locking cable with loop end (1.8m x 5mm)Universal fit security slot clip. Add multiple devices with additional slot clips or...

Secure Anchor Point : Computer Lock : Computer Cable Lock
Price: $7.95

I GOT NOWHERE ELSE TO GO... The Secure Anchor Point creates a spot to attach your security devices when the environment just doesn't have a good location. Mount a Secure Anchor Point to tables, desks, walls or any immovable surface. You now have a convenient spot to attach your computer lock cable. Features All metal multiple mounting options: Glue, Screw or Glue & Screw Fits all SecurTech cables PRO TIP You don't have to use a padlock at the anchor point. Poke a loop end of a cable through...